VoIP for POS Advantages

Reduced waiting time / better customer service
POS with integrated voice capabilities as well as remote support functionality results in substantial reduction in delays and enhanced customer service.

Seamless Integration to any POS
The VoIP for POS solution has multiple APIs to integrate with all potential POS systems. Intuitive GUI login system and cashier IDs for ease of use.

Fast ROI
Having the VoIP system integrated with the POS infrastructure reduces the number vendors required with associated reduced maintenance monthly cost for the enterprise.

Single CD Installation for POS
VoIP for POS supports the "all-in-one CD" installation package so installing a new POS station is extremely simple. No additional infrastructure is required. VoIP and all remote support modules fully integrate and smoothly operate from the POS software.

Unified Infrastructure
Only one cable system (IP 8pin Cat5) for both datacom and telecom is required full operation of the POS station. No copper wires or dedicated mobile phones.

A wide range of custom functionality can be incorporated into the VoIP for POS solution to replace and improve many existing communications tools used in the retail industries. Examples include customized paging, training tools, online POS support, remote approval, and video lane monitoring.


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    VoIP for POS Advantages

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