QueueCut Features

VoIP calls from cashier POS station to a manager on duty
Enables any cashier to call from the POS to the manger on duty. The phones are integrated on the POS screens and don't require special hardware or PABXs. It is an easy to operate visually-based operation GUI.

VoIP calls from manager on duty to the cashiers
Enables the manager on duty to call from the PC POS to any specific cashier. Calls are free utilizing existing communication cables (IP 8pin Cat5) that provide an excellent cost effect alternative to traditional PABXs that require dedicated equipment and maintenance staff.

Automatic screen sharing between cashier and manager
Designed for remote support services. Managers on duty can now help their cashiers approve a transaction without needing to come to the POS itself. The manager can perform any approval action remotely.

Call Queuing management
A manager on duty might face multiple calls at once. The QueueCut solutionoffers call queuing to prioritize critical calls. It is visual so the manager can see the different remote POS and prioritize a specific call.


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QueueCut for POS Features

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