Here&Now Features

Free calls from a web page
– enables free VoIP calls from anywhere to the enterprise’s designated sales departments or calling centers. Provides and excellent and cost effect alternative for a "1-800" number.

designed for remote support services. Sales associates can now help their customers fill out forms or applications as well as assist in performing maintenance work on a customer’s computer remotely.

Page push
enables client support agent to direct the customer to a specific web page or PDF file while maintaining constant communication with the customer.

Call back service
enables users who wish to receive calls to their mobile phone or land line to type their number and the Here & Now system will route calls to them from enterprise server.

Direct call routing
offers a full phone directory and look up system that helps customers find right person/department to address their needs. No need to wander around endless IVR menus.

Call Center capabilities
provides a built-in IVR and call routing system to support a stand-alone full featured contact center solution.

Video Conferencing
provides greater confidence and security to customers by allowing one way video whereby the agent is seen as well as heard when, for example, a customer is making a purchase over the net.




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