Here&Now Advatages

Customer relationship management purely based on the Internet
Increase sales by allowing users immediate access to live attended who can make a vocal conversation with them and "close" the business. Human number one communication tool is "vocal" Here&Now application gives it from any icon of your enterprise advertising banners, home page portals and yellow pages links.

Increase focus on web site - Here&Now makes your web site in focus! It's where all the customers needs can be found and reached from the enterprise portal. No need to find landline number and dial. Simply click on Here&Now icon and you are there. During the call, the customer can be exposed to your special banners on the screen, promoting products.

Increase accessibility and level of service - enterprise that deals with international selling or international customer services can dramatically improve the customer's satisfactions due to easy and free accessibility (travel insurance firms, credit card firms, banks, est.).

Reduce waiting time on IVR when clicking the icon from a filtered screen like support, specific product web page or travel-package, the call can bypass some of the IVR menus and by that reducing the abandonment ratio.

Novelty perception Here&Now brings the enterprise a look and fill of novelty due to the smooth operation and crystal clear calls. The special functionally makes the customers feel that they are dealing with an advanced firm that implements the latest technology available today for their convenient.




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