Secure Enterprise Communications

Transforming IP Communica Chaos into Order

As organizations become more geographically dispersed with many offices worldwide, having more cost effective and richer collaboration among colleagues is emerging as a key success factor.

Parallel Communications Ltd. specializes in secure communication software solutions that can address this growing need within distributed organizations, bringing comprehensive, quality, highly secure and low cost communication solutions.

The company’s innovative solutions provide enterprises with an integrated suite of IP-based software applications, communicating with landline and cellular devices that dramatically improve interactions among employees and cut organizations’ communications and operations costs.

The company’s flagship product, OfficeOne, is a full suite solution that includes a communication server within the enterprise, bringing High Quality Voice calls, Video calls, Multi-party calls, Chat, Presence, SMS, MMS, Desktop collaboration and Call centerto any desktop in the organization.

The system provides employees and employers with an unprecedented set of tools for effective and secure communications within the organization.
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